Our Team

We at Delicious Discoveries believe in human resources, believe in our team, and believe in each and every individual forming it.

Our team consists of dedicated professionals with one single target to discover healthy and tasty products and delivering them to our valuable clients and customers. Our recruitment process designed in a way to make sure the potential employees have the ability, knowledge, and more importantly the spirit to deliver best performance in industry, as we claim we provide, our affiliates support, and our clients agree.

Employee Testimonies

At Delicious Discoveries, I was constantly challenged to come up with new and Creative ways to do things and solve problems. I felt if I can dream it and justify it, then I can do it.
Aaron C
I feel proud that I employed by Delicious Discoveries, because I dealt with quality products, and the company was appreciating my contributions.
Brian T


Delicious Discoveries offers stable career, competitive compensation, and great work environment to its current and future employees.

The recruitment process starts with a common interview for basic assessments. Accordingly, candidates will be shortlisted and more in-depth interview and analysis will be conducted. The successful candidates will join the firm for minimum one month probation period. The probation period is designed for the sake of both the company and employee. During probation, company’s management will have better view of the candidate’s capabilities, and they themselves will have better understanding of company’s operation, and management’s expectations. By the end of probation period, the final contract will be signed by both parties, and the employment will commence immediately after.

Apart from specific required qualities for each position, the following are essential for all candidates:

- Creative thinking
- Self motivation
- Team player
- Energetic
- Trustworthiness
- Presentable.

Job Vacancies

Delicious Discoveries offers following vacancies to potential candidates who found themselves qualified:

- Brand manager, seafood (Ref. DM1315)
- Marketing associate (Ref. DA2381)
- Sales executive (Ref. DA2382)
- Design and branding associate (DA2383)

* The resumes should be sent to www.brazilianhairuk.co.uk