Services Overview

Delicious Discoveries offers comprehensive range of services to its potential clients, whether they are professionals in industry or are simply interested to enter food & beverage industry. Our services cover wide range of activities from studying the market to delivering the products to customers. As we’re full in-house food distribution firm, we’re capable of tailor-making our solutions to our customers in order to meet their needs and requirements. Our services can be offered on inclusive or individual basis as per our client’s request.

Available Services

Currently, Delicious Discoveries offers following services to its clients. The solutions are F&B focused and shall not be offer to those firms that are not in same industry as Delicious Discoveries.

  • - Arrangement & management of shipments
  • - Professional consultancy
  • - Product & equipment procurement
  • - Financial solutions (MENA region)
  • - Market study & marketing research (MENA region)
  • - Brand registration (MENA region)

Product & Equipment Procurement

Client’s inquiry will be sent to the dedicated procurement team. After receiving the inquiry, the respective client will be contacted by one of our staff to get more detailed information, covering all the requirements for the products and/or equipments. The clients will receive feedback within maximum two weeks after the initial contact.

Market Study & Marketing Research

35 years experience in the market makes us a partner of choice when it comes to market study and marketing research. This particular service is quite essential for companies who wants to enter the region, or to develop their products to different segments within the region, or simply are in the process of developing marketing and advertising campaign.

Financial Solutions

We welcome the opportunities to form JVs with major players in the region and around the world. At the same time, we’re willing and capable to invest in feasible projects including processing, distributing, and trading of F&B products. Trade finance solutions can also be provided through Delicious Discoveries parent company.

Professional Consultancy

The company’s management offers full range of consultancy services to its potential clients. The service covers all different aspects of F&B trading and distribution in the region, including identifying market gaps, pricing the products, choosing distribution channels, and marketing research. Possible cooperation between the two firms can be initiated by singing consultancy agreement for preapproved rates.

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