Canned Products

Canned tuna would be supplied from mostly Thailand and Malaysia. At current canned skipjack is available to offer in forms of either solid, chunk or flaks. The product can be developed as per the client requirement. Flavors can also be added to the final products.
Canned fruits, if applicable, could be in form of halves, sliced, or diced. Currently, Cans of mango, peach, pear, and strawberry are available. Both types of canned products can be supplied in different sizes of regular or easy open tins.

Agricultural Commodities

  • Rice
    Rice would be supplied from mainly Pakistan and India in its different variety, including but not limited to Basmati and Jasmine Rice. Packaging could be arranged as per both wholesale and retail requirements.
  • Sugar
    Sugar would be supplied directly from Brazil, India, or Thailand, as per the clientಥquirement. All different standards of both white refined and raw brown sugar are available, including ICUMSA 45, 100, and 150 for white sugar, and ICUMSA 750, md 1000 for raw brown sugar. Both retail and wholesale packaging (standard 50kg Polypropylene bags) are available to offer.

Company Products

  • Seafood Delicious Discoveries offers different types of seafood including fish and shrimp, in both raw and processed forms. Raw fish would be supplied from major fishing companies in both Australia and New Zealand. Processed products, such as fish fillet and breaded shrimp, would be supplied mostly from factories in Thailand and Malaysia. All different varieties of seafood can be supplies under private labels, or Delicious Discoveries own brand, DeepSea.
  • Edible Oil Through partnership with major refineries within Middle East and Southeast Asia, Delicious Discoveries is able to offer different types of edible oil including corn, sunflower, and palm oil, with high quality as well as competitive price. Apart from pure, blended products, such as frying oil, are also available to offer. In addition to Golden Niyaz, Private labels are also can be arranged. Golden Niyaz is a brand managed by Delicious Discoveries.
  • Tea Pure high quality Ceylon tea is available in different standards as per clientಥquirements. More popular standards, including but not limited to 222, 333, and 1445, can be arranged immediately once the orders are placed. Delicious Discoveries acquire the tea directly through the auction conducted by Sri Lanka Tea Board. To meet the client need, retail packaging can be developed and prepared to meet the client஥eds.
  • Coconut By engaging with major suppliers of desiccated coconut in Sri Lanka through yearly contracts, Delicious Discoveries position itself as a key player in the region for the mentioned product. At current, two types of medium grade high fat and fine grade high fat desiccated coconut are available to offer. The product would be delivered in standard Polypropylene bags. Apart from desiccated coconut, copra is also available for manufacturing entities.
  • Beef Delicious Discoveries offers beef from internationally known and well reputed suppliers from Brazil and Argentina. The products can be offered in all different existing cuts including the variety of bone-in and boneless (hindquarter and forequarter) cuts. Halal slaughter would be arranged for clients as itനe basic requirement in MENA region. The packaging can be arranged as per the requirement.