A Few Words About Us

Delicious Discoveries has been established in May, 1980, with an ultimate goal to become one of the top major food and beverage distributors in the region.

During the past 35 years, managements of the company successfully built strong relationship with different distributors, wholesalers, and retailers, as well as processing and producing entities in the region and around the globe. The company’s commitment to provide healthy and tasty products couple with its dedication to share the success with its affiliates, were and will be the key to its past, present, and future achievements.

In mid 2009, followed by board resolution No.789, new team of management took over the company. That would be the fifth generation of management since the establishment. According to the resolution, new team is responsible not only to follow the same goals and philosophy as before, but also to cope with current market conditions through developing unique, and creative approach toward forming new opportunities for the firm and its affiliates.

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The success of Delicious Discoveries
were made of all the last four generations
of management’s efforts and will continue
even at faster pace by the help of current
management, affiliates, and customers.

Why Choose Us

  • - 35 years experience
  • - Concrete track record
  • - Value-added services
  • - Affiliates around MENA
  • - Dedicated staff
  • - Exclusive product development
  • - Healthy products
  • - Unique packaging solutions
  • - High quality at delivery
  • - Tasty products
  • - Constant quality control
  • - Convenient at consumption

Our Advantages

35 years experience in the region couple with our unique network of distributors, wholesalers and retailers make us the partner of choice for producers. Our determination to deliver healthy and tasty products makes us simply the better choice for final product consumers.

Our Values

  • Our VisionTo be the most reliable food and beverage distributor in MENA region.
  • Our MissionTo create ongoing success, and sharing it with our affiliates.
  • Our Forming ValueTo offer healthy as well as tasty products to our customers.
  • Our Goals- To provide the best sales and marketing support.
    - To deliver exceptional earnings to our affiliates on steady basis.
    - To provide top quality products to our customers.
    - To foster stability and success to our dedicated staff.
  • Our Philosophy- Our work will be performed with integrity, honesty, and highest ethical standards.
    - Our staffs are our most important asset.
    - We are committed to provide healthy and productive workplace for our employees.
    - We’re absolutely accountable toward our commitments.

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