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Delicious Discoveries with over 35 years experience in food and beverage trading and distribution is ready to offer its products and services to wholesale and retail entities across MENA region. The company also offers cooperation opportunities to food and beverage processors and producers around the world. Click Here

Latest News

DevelopmentPosted 15-Jan-2019Delicious Discoveries R&D department in cooperation with the International Marketing Sales team will announce new product line-up to be added to current portfolio to meet the demand of UAE market.
DevelopmentPosted 03-Dec-2018Latest investment to boost efficiency and production, in order to meet increasingly high demand for its products portfolio, Delicious Discoveries new warehouse provides additional space and ability to further streamline the handling of materials and supplies. The warehouse may be the latest expansion but Delicious Discoveries has much more in the works.


When it comes to food and beverages, quality is our top priority, and to us quality is about being healthy. We believe we have great responsibility toward our customer’s well-being. So, we appointed a dedicated team to control and monitor the quality of products on ongoing basis and through the entire process of acquiring a product and delivering it to our customers.


After quality and healthiness, universal most wanted comes to play, Taste. Our advantage is to develop or simply discover not only tasty but healthy products, and delivering it to the customers. We understand the delicacy of our mission. It’s easy to find healthy products, and it’s easier to find tasty ones, but healthy and tasty! Thanks to our dedicated staff and affiliates, we’ve proved we can deliver.


Our staffs are dedicated to deliver our customers healthy and tasty products. Their role starts with discovering the products, and ends with finding our customers healthy and satisfied. We believe every single individual in our team, no matter what the position is, adds value to our products either directly or indirectly by helping others. We make sure they’re happy, healthy and satisfy, and surely they can deliver the same qualities to you through our products.


We are confident of having successful associates around the region, and we believe great portion of our success is driven by their contribution. Our major partners are located in Oman, Qatar, UAE, and Iran. Their contribution is in both providing, and distributing the products. We all share one goal that is to gain and maintain our clients’ trust.